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Mike Chang Insane Home Fat Loss

Hi, this is Mike Chang and the creator of Insane Home Fat Loss.

That’s him in the middle and these are some of his friends:

insane home fat loss class






…and this is a towel.

towel fat loss workout


What does this towel have to do with anything?

Well if you want to finally lose your belly fat and get a lean and toned beach body then this is the only piece of equipment you’ll need.


Mike Changs insane home fat loss program

So on this page Mike is going to show you how you can lose your gut and get a flat stomach, working out from home without ever going to the gym.

He’ll show you insane twenty minutes Insane Home Fat Loss workouts that I do at home to lose fat, and he’ll show you how you can start using them too.

The best part of Insane Home Fat Loss is the only piece of equipment you’ll need to loose fat is with this workouts is a small workout towel.

Okay so let me tell you a little bit more about my home fat loss workouts and how I use that towel that I mentioned above to lose fat.

Mike call’s his workout system Insane Home Fat Loss.

It consists of 100% body weight workouts that you can do at home with no equipment and the reason why it’s insane is that you get a shockingly intense and exhausting cardio work out in just 20 minutes.

My clients tell me that they feel more drained after a twenty minute Insane Home Fat Loss workout than after two hours of their normal workouts and I tell them that’s good because that means they are losing fat.

The Insane Home Fat Loss system consists of eight workouts.

Every workout consists of 8-10 simple body weight exercises and each workout lasts a little longer than 20 minutes each.

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To do the work out you do the first exercise for thirty seconds and rest for fifteen seconds then you do the second exercise for thirty seconds and rest for another fifteen seconds. You just keep doing this until you have done each exercise for three times.

This makes it very simple to learn there are just a few basic exercises for each workout which means you can pick it up by watching someone do it and just following along.

It also makes it easier to keep up that insane pace and to push yourself to the max. You just need to focus on making it to the next break and before you know it, you finished the entire workout.

The goal of the workouts is to burn calories directly while also enhancing your muscle tone. Now this means that you will be burning more calories automatically each day through your metabolism whether you exercise or not.

And the best part is you can do this workout anywhere and it doesn’t require any equipment besides a small workout towel.

So you are probably wondering what the hell kind of insane fat loss exercises you could do with a workout towel?

The towel is actually used in many of the most intense and difficult exercises.

The way that it works is that you pull the towel up tight exerting yourself to as much tension as you can on it, then you do an exercise as you are holding the towel tight.

Now this sound easy but it’s actually very hard and you are putting a lot of tension on the towel. There my friend the picture is a very athletic guy but you can see that this towel exercise is really tough for him and that he is burning a lot of fat.

The first time you do an Insane Home Fat Loss workout you will realize that it is completely different from all the other home workout courses.

mike chang insane home fat loss program

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The reason for this is that most insane home workout courses are really just repacked versions of dance aerobics tapes from the 80’s. They consist of low intensity exercises that you do continuously for 45 minutes or longer.

Some of the moves look impressive but in reality it’s not that much different than running on a tread mill.

You won’t build muscle tone or your metabolism because it’s just the same old long slow cardio in a different package.

Insane Home Fat Loss is much different because it consists of much more intense and challenging exercises that will exhaust you in just 30 seconds.

See the reason why it’s so effective for the losing fat is that you exhaust yourself with a challenging body weight exercise, you recover and then you do it again.

Want to see what I mean check out this clip of doing jumping knee tucks; one of the exercises in the Insane Home Fat Loss system.

This is especially intense exercise because you have to jump as high as you can and tuck your knees up to your chest every time and you can see from the looks of my friends faces they are burned out at the end of thirty seconds but since they have fifteen seconds to recover, they are good to go again when it’s time for the next exercise.

And if you spend just thirty seconds doing an exercise like this you’ll see an immediate change and why it is more effective for losing fat than low intensity exercises like jogging.

Now if you are new to working out, you might be thinking that looks crazy will I be able to do that and what if I can’t keep up? Well if that’s you don’t worry about it.

Mike will include beginner variations for every exercise in the system that you can use if an exercise is too difficult for you to do.

What can you expect from Insane Home Fat Loss?

Mike Chang will show you advanced home fat loss techniques to lose those stubborn fat deposits so that you can get a flat stomach, trim waist line that you always wanted. Sculpt a sexy beach body.

  • Guys you can expect to get an athletic and lean look with tastily defined muscles and visible abs.
  • Girls can expect to get a thinly sexy bikini body with a flat stomach you will be proud to show off.

Get insanely athletic you will have more potential strength and endurance and you will feel much more energetic as you go back to daily life and your friends will be amazed when they see how much you can do without getting tired.

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What will you get if you join Mike Chang Insane Home Fat Loss?

If you chose to join Mike Chang in Insane Home Fat Loss, here is what you’ll get:

  • ALL 8 full length Insane Home Fat Loss workouts.

You will be doing the workouts along with Mike Chang and his friends this makes it super easy to learn just play the video and follow what he does.

It also makes it much easier to get insane during your workouts since Mike will be there the entire time, coaching, encouraging and motivating you.

  • You can stream the videos instantly from my website or download stunning high definition copies of the videos to your hard drive.
  • You also have full rights to put the videos on your phones, ipad or burn them to a DVD. The wakeup call 10 minutes fitness test.
  • You will be able to quickly see where you are at when you start the program and you will have an easy way to track your progress as you go through with the program.

It will feel great when you are able to do better and better on the fitness test every time. A quick 15 minutes exercise instructional video.

The Insane Home Fat Loss workouts are designed so that you can pick up the workout just by following along with me and the group. But if you wanted extra coaching on a particular exercise you can look at this video while I’ll break down the most common exercises used in this video for you.

  • And as a free bonus you’ll also get my simple fat loss diet e-book.

Now this e-book shows you a simple and effective fat-loss diet that you can follow to lose weight faster with Insane Home Fat Loss. So it’s designed to be as easy and convenient as possible to follow and to fit in to your busy lifestyle.

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