Lose Belly Fat Fast

Lose Belly Fat Fast With These 5 Belly Fat Loss Rules:

how to lose belly fat fast

5 rules to lose belly fat fast

Here are 5 most important rules to follow in your cardio workouts to ensure you’re gaining muscle tone and increase your metabolism.

Belly Fat Loss Rule number one:

1. Lose the equipment – the truth that the fitness industry does not want you to know is that there is no equipment that actually helps you lose fat. None!

Not only is complex equipment ineffective and a waste of money but it actually makes you lose less fat than if you hadn’t used any at all.

Now basic equipment like a barbell will help you if your main goal is to gain muscle especially if you want to become extremely muscular like a body builder. But if your main goal is to lose fat the best piece of equipment is actually your own body.

Now with body weight exercises you can really crank up the intensity and get insane much more than you can with an exercise bike or stair master.

Now you can also workout more muscle group rather than repeatedly doing the same motion over and over and over.

But the catch is that you can’t just do any body weight exercises and you especially can’t do the ones that are most common or most popular.

You need to know the body weight exercises that enhances your muscle tone and helps you lose belly fat and the right way to combine them so that your belly fat loss can be as fast as possible.

So rule number two:

2. Keep it short – it shocks everybody to hear but my fat loss workouts are actually only about 20 minutes long.

I found out that long workouts pretty much anything an hour or longer are actually very ineffective for losing fat. Why? Because the longer and slower your cardio is the more it eats up your muscle tone and lowers your metabolism.

Also the more time you spend doing cardio the harder it is to keep your intensity up.

So you may spend more time working out but because you are going slower than usual you are not actually any more work done.

My recommendation is to work out for no more than 30 minutes especially if you are focused on fat loss.

But in order to do THAT, you also have to be following rule number three:

Rule number three is:

3. Keep it intense – you can’t just do 20 minutes of the same slow paced cardio you’ve been doing; your CP was doing at the gym and expects it to work.

If you want to get a killer workout in this amount of time you can’t be afraid to crank up that intensity.

The reason why I use this approach is that fast paced high intensity cardio doesn’t slow down your metabolism in fact it helps you gain muscle tone and it speeds up your metabolism.

So you have to realize losing fat with short 20 minutes workout is possible but it’s not normal.

So you can’t expect to go at the pace you see most people doing in the gym and to get the same results.

Instead you have to be prepared to get insane.

To push your limits and to go as hard as you can for those twenty minutes.

Now I know that it’s easier said than done but here is a tip that will make pushing yourself to the max much easier for you.

So rather than doing steady state cardio where you are always going at the same pace use a concept called interval training.

For example, doing an exercise as hard and as fast as you can for thirty seconds, then take a fifteen second break before starting again this makes pushing yourself much easier. Just go as hard as you can for thirty seconds and you have a short break to look forward to.

Then you will recharge enough to push hard again in the next thirty seconds. I think this actually makes it much easier to push through a short, fast workout than a long slow workout.

I know that if you are tired and you are looking at the clock and you still have 45 minutes more left on your workout, it’s demoralizing and it SUCKS you know. Insane Home Fat Loss Program shows you simple methods you can implement TODAY to start losing belly fat fast.

But all you have to do with my method is focus on getting to the next break. Do that enough times and you will have gotten a great work out in a fraction of the time.

Rule number four:

4. Use your whole body not just half your body – now majority of the traditional fat loss workouts only work your legs, jogging, stair climbing, biking whatever.

They involve your upper body slightly but mostly it’s neglected.

Now because you are using only half your body, you are losing half the fat during the workouts. A much better approach is working out your entire body, upper as well as lower.

See the best way to do that is to focus on body weight workouts that combine upper body exercises and lower body exercises and total body exercises in a balanced way.

This way it makes your workouts much more intense and way more effective. You build more muscle tone and you burn more calories directly.

So My Final Belly Fat Loss Rule number five:

5. Consistency above all – no matter how good your fat loss work outs are they won’t do you any good if you don’t do them consistently.

So unless you are doing workouts three four days per week every week, really nothing else matters and again this is much easier said than done.

But there are some tricks that you can use to make consistently working out much easier for you. Here is one of my favorite. To save time you should always have a fat loss workout that you can do at home.

There will always be times when you can’t go to the gym whether you don’t have the time or maybe you are too tired to drive or if you are travelling and you don’t have access to a gym.

Let’s say your work out takes 20 minutes but you spend fifteen minutes each way driving to the gym and back, if you can eliminate the driving you just eliminated more than half the time this takes to do your workout.

That’s why I love body weight cardio so much anyone can do it easily at home since there is no equipment required.

So remember consistency is the key so always look for tricks that will help make it easier to stay consistent.

And always have a good home fat loss routine you can do so you don’t have to have an excuse to skip a workout.

Insane Home Fat Loss Program shows you simple methods you can implement TODAY to start losing belly fat fast.